Does Your Life Continually Feel Overwhelming and Meaningless?

If you answered “yes” to this question, you’ve come to the right place and found my website for a good reason. How often do people say that it’s not all about you? Well, this time it is all about you!

Our world seems to be changing at mach speed. Everyone is always rushed, on edge and wants that quick fix or instant gratification.

As a result, many people have become paralyzed by their daily responsibilities at work and at home.  They get stuck in long commutes and traffic jams as they drive to a job they can’t stand for money, benefits and pseudo security.  Most people have little or no free time to even think about their life and what they really want.

The number of people who are falling into a perpetual state of anxiety, depression and numbing out continues to rise and they have no idea how to climb out of the huge sinkhole that they’re in.Stressed Woman

Are You Truly Living or Simply Existing?

Perhaps your life seems boring and monotonous and you’ve started to believe that the life you have is as good as it gets.

Maybe you feel stuck in a less than fulfilling marriage or stagnant at your job and think that you have no way out.

When you settle for less in a marriage, job or any part of your life, you run the risk of having a life filled with many regrets, lost opportunities and questions like “How did I end up here?” or “Is this all there is to life?”

Are Your Body, Mind and Spirit Harmoniously Healthy?

Even people who are highly focused can experience information overload, analysis paralysis or burn out, which depletes their energy, motivation and creativity and keeps them out of alignment with their true self.

The fact that you found my website is a good indication that you want to make some much-needed changes in your life. You may be at a point where you know what you want or don’t want, but you can’t quite figure out how to make that happen on your own.

Many people spend thousands of dollars each year on self-help books, motivational CD’s and pricey seminars and still fail to change their lives for the better. Why?  Because most people don’t have the self-motivation to make the necessary changes on their own or the self-discipline to see it through to the end.

In fact, you’re setting yourself up for failure
if you try to make changes to your life on your own!

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My Mission:

“To teach women and girls how to realize and actualize who they truly are and what they really want for their highest good, while fostering the awareness and connection of body, mind and spirit.” – Shelli Schilke Read More

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  The Solution to the Pollution in Your Life

If you want to succeed more quickly, with less frustration and with immediate and longer-lasting results, one of the best strategies is to work with a professional life coach.  Having an accountability partner will keep you focused, on track and moving forward to achieve your goals.

As a certified life coach, my primary goal is to help you get crystal clear on what’s really important to you, what motivates you, what your strengths and talents are and what you would like to accomplish.

I will guide you along the way and assist you in creating a hTime_for_Coachingappier, more fulfilling life – one filled with passion, meaning and purpose.

You will receive realistic, tried-and-true techniques that are uniquely designed for you in the following areas: mind, body, spirit connection; behavior modification; life balance; and optimal health on all levels of your being.

My goal is for you to achieve what your Soul yearns for and wants to Express as you experience the most effective and successful coaching experience possible – second to none.

My longtime interest in human behavior and formal studies in yoga and Eastern philosophy give me the expertise to help you move beyond your fears, limiting beliefs and hidden blockages that are preventing you from being, doing or having whatever it is you want and reaching your highest potential.

As We Journey Together, You Can Expect To:

  • Gain clarity on your purpose in life, your ideal life and your vision for success and happiness.
  • Discover your true calling, core values, beliefs, strengths and talents.
  • Peel back the layers to the root cause of the fears and limiting beliefs and permanently release it.101
  • Uncover and eliminate unconscious behaviors and patterns or hidden blockages that no longer serve you.
  • Eliminate your procrastination by focusing on one simple task at a time. The journey begins with the first step.
  • Define and set your goals, mission objectives and/or mission statement.
  • Receive a step-by-step action plan to ensure that you take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.
  • Make the best decisions for you in all areas of your life, as they will be congruent with your core values.
  • Have a happier, more enriched life and experience the thrill of all your accomplishments.

Ready…Set…Go For the Life You Really Want!

If the life you have now isn’t working for you or bringing you the meaning, joy and fulfillment that you would like, then I invite you to sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with me or continue the tour and learn more about the type of people I work with.